Reading Room

Any reading of Library resources is to be carried out in the Reading Room, this being the only area available for readers. Access to Library resources is restricted. In order to view works from the catalogue, a request must be made to the Library staff, who will provide you with the requested work once the appropriate forms have duly been filled in. Such forms can be found in the Reading Room.

Documents may be requested from 09.15 to 13.30 h. and from 15.15 to 16.30 h. with a daily maximum of 6 documents. Requests for work from the reserve collection, incunabula and manuscripts must be made at least one day in advance.

Bibliographic information

The bibliographic information service is in charge of providing readers with information on the Library and its services, and can help you locate any information or documents you may need to aid you in carrying out your academic activities.

Document-Request Service

The document request service provides institutions and external users digital reproduction of documents from the library collection.

To ask them to must fill out the request form documents.

One the request is received, the library will send the corresponding budget and when it is accepted and paid according to current rates, the library will proceed to send the document.

The library facilities include photocopy service conducted the library staff.

The users of these services are committed to complying with legal provisions on copyright and intellectual property

Reproduction and image rights

One of the Library’s main functions is to preserve and disseminate its bibliographic resources. It wishes to provide its users with effective services to meet their requests, whilst avoiding any deterioration of the materials. When a request is made, the Library staff analyse the physical condition of the work in question and settle upon the most suitable form of reproducing it.

The documents are providad only for personal research purpose of cultural or scientific nature. Is unauthoridzed commercial use. (Ley 21/2014, de 4 de noviembre, de la Ley de Propiedad Intelectual).

The applicant must secure copyright clearance from the copyright holder, in case of publication.

For images owned by the Library of Montserrat, where they are intended for public use, you will have to apply for the appropriate authorization form to the Library of Montserrat.

Right of appointment

Works published with materials from the Montserrat Library will be cited with the acronym BAM (Biblioteca de l’Abadia de Montserrat), followed by the call number of that document: BAM, Ms. 174 ; BAM, Segle XVI 8º 42

The documents from the Montserrat Archives will be cited with the acronym AAM (Arxiu de l’Abadia de Montserrat).
The documents from de Montserrat Musical Archives will be cited with the acronym AMM (Arxiu Musical de Montserrat).